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Personal Growth in Sacramento - Relationship Therapy Center

Move forward and get unstuck. Self-Care and Stress Reduction in Roseville

Do You Know You Deserve More But Are Just Plain Too Tired or Stretched Already to Do Anything About It…

Now is the time to take care of YOU!

  • Are you so busy taking care of all the other people in your life, that you fall last on your list?

  • When you are asked to help out or do more, is it hard to say no?

  • Does the thought of taking care of yourself feel selfish?

  • Does it feel like you are too busy to add anything else to your plate?

  • Do you wonder how long you can keep going at this pace?

As professionals, employees, spouses, parents, and all the other roles that we play; there are many things that clamor for our attention on a daily basis.  We work or run a business, we take care of our families and handle the many emergencies that crop up, but there is only so much energy we each have.  When we run around handling all of our duties and responsibilities, our resources can be spread thin.  We usually end up last on our list!

If you are struggling with Anxiety or Depression, you can click to learn more about those services.

We want to help you overcome overwhelm, stress, lack of self-care so that you can transform into the very best version of you.

  • To be able to process your emotions as they come up and not get stuck

  • To experience, joy, peace, satisfaction from even the little things in life

  • Have relationships that work well

  • To feel a sense of well being

  • To have energy enough and the desire to move your body

  • To be filled from self-love so that you have more love to give others

  • To feel connected to a greater passion and purpose

The myth we believe is that “one day….it will feel balanced, or I will have more time, energy, or money."   We never get the lists completely checked off, there is always more you can do for your business, there is always more dishes or laundry or school projects to do. 

The time is now. 

Take time for yourself, so that you don’t get burned out.  When you take time for yourself, you keep your energy stores up and are able to enjoy more time in the day and “not just get through it.” When you are full, you have more to give to the ones you love

PUT YOURSELF FIRST so you are better for the people around you.

Is it really going to help me take care of myself more by coming to therapy?

We believe in therapy and when needed today, will go in for personal tune-ups.  We all need help along the way and even though we are psychotherapists, professional business women, and parents today….We can’t do it on my own.  We want to help you get back to being you, loving you, having wonderful relationships

Who comes to you for help with self-care?

Regular people with regular imperfect lives who want to get unstuck, grow and improve the quality of their lives.  People who are juggling kids, careers, businesses, marriages, and all the trials and tribulations of everyday life.  People who need a few more tools in their tool belt to handle life.  People who have never faced the issues from the past that keep bubbling up and interfering with today, (those ones that you thought you put behind you).  People, who want great relationships with their partners even when it’s messy and not easy, but know that they want more and can do better. People who want to do it differently for their kids

Do you treat codependency?

Yes, many people who tend to put themselves last also struggle with codependency.  You might have been raised by dysfunctional parents or be involved with somebody who has a substance abuse, but if you relate to any of the symptoms of lack of self-care, we can look further into the roots of where this comes from. For many who have been neglected or abused there is a belief that you don’t matter or that you only matter when you produce or provide for others.  In order to start taking care of yourself AND believe you deserve to, therapy can help.

 You can have more energy and self-love and  self-esteem.  Call us at 916-426-2757 or contact me.  

Personal Growth Counseling

"The unexamined life is not worth living"  Socrates

Personal growth counseling is for anyone who would like to be more self-aware, empowered and self-actualized. Self-awareness involves getting to know the real you and putting asides the “shoulds” and “musts” that you have adapted.  You are then more likely to make choices that are best for you. Being self-actualized means the need to be good, to be fully alive and to find meaning in life. 

  • Do you know what gives you meaning?

  • Do you know what your values are?

  • What is your purpose here on this earth?

  • Do you have the support you need to be your best?

A sense of calm and self-efficacy comes as you find a clear connection to your inner strengths and become known to yourself. Through a personal growth process you gain confidence in using your strengths to handle daily challenges and stresses. Your spontaneous joy in everyday living grows from this inner journey and can bring you to a place of ease and grace. You will develop a strength of character that contributes to resilience in the face of change.

Reduce self-sabotage in getting to your goals and dreams, gain accountability to achieve your life’s purpose, move forward into your life to thrive rather than “survive” or “get through”

Willingness to begin or engage in a process of growth is the first step. Doing something differently than you have done before, disengaging from unproductive behaviors, and asking yourself “is this working for me in my life?” will help to propel you in a new direction.

An intention based on your personal values creates movement and direction in your life.  A clear intention, acting as a light in the darkness, keeps you moving forward even when pulled towards stagnation, getting distracted, or feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.  From this place it is possible to make decisions with clarity, focus and ease.

We can learn to progress beyond being our own worst enemies into being the strongest source of self-support and compassion. Developing more positive mental habits in the face of stress is crucial. Our attitudes or how we perceive the world, others and ourselves can either contribute to anguish and depression or to resilience and happiness.  We can move towards goals that we want to accomplish by doing something differently than what we have been doing.

What Gets in The Way of People’s Natural Growth?

Toxic patterns of thoughts include habits of perfectionism, comparisons to others, valuing material gain over experience, evaluating ourselves in terms of difficult or negative experiences, beating ourselves up mentally via the harsh inner critic, punishing ourselves for perceived failure, “shoulding” yourself into constantly thinking you have to be better than average or perfect, talking yourself out of taking risks that could be beneficial out of fear, and pessimism or the anticipation that things will go wrong if they can.

What Can I Gain by Working With You on Personal Growth?

More positive patterns include acceptance, orienting the thoughts towards experiencing rather than results, being mindful and enjoying what is happening, saying yes to current circumstances and emotional responses, being satisfied with the progress you are making in personal endeavors  and practicing self-compassion, encouraging yourself to risk positive possibilities, kindness to yourself when overwhelmed or struggling with a sense of failure, comforting and reassuring yourself when experiencing painful emotions, viewing yourself as part of the whole rather than separate from humanity and nonjudgmental self-perceptions about thoughts, feelings and actions.

 Grow into your best you and achieve your personal goals. Call us at 916-426-2757 or Book an Appointment Below  


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