Self Care for Parents of Bipolar and ADHD Children

childThere are many things that parents need to know to deal with difficult children. Dealing with a child who has bipolar or ADHD requires the use of numerous parenting strategies and self care techniques. It is important for parents to accept that their child's limitations from an emotional standpoint are not a reflection on their parenting skills.
It is also important for parents to realize that dealing with a child with emotional difficulties is a consistent work in progress. Parents need to make sure they have a strong support system in place so they do not become overwhelmed with dealing with the emotional challenges of their children.
When parents understand that emotional challenges within their children are not their own fault they are better able to help their child cope with the challenges of daily living. Once a parent understands that they need to seek the support system for themselves they will be able to become detached from the tendency to blame themselves for their child's behavior.

Having a support system is also helpful so that parents do not take their frustration with their children's behavior out on the children themselves. Having a support network of parents who have been in similar situations is a necessary part of finding progressive and positive solutions to behavioral challenges. Isolation is easily avoided when parents are able to see that others have been successful in helping their children to live a balanced and healthy life.

Parents also need to view every interaction with their child as an opportunity to learn and grow. When parents are willing to humble themselves enough to admit that they do not have all the answers when dealing with a bipolar or ADHD child, they will find it easier to live in the moment while teaching valuable life skills to their child.