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What to Do When Substance Abuse is Destroying Your Marriage

Nancy Ryan

Substance abuse can wreak havoc on a marriage. Has it brought yours to the brink of total collapse?

Have you given up trying to figure out how to help your spouse break free from substance abuse? Is your life so chaotic that you’ve contemplated divorce? Are you sure you’re willing to go through with that?

How can you find the strength to take action? And what actions would be best?

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How to Truly Listen

Nancy Ryan

We have relationships in all areas of our lives.  With ourselves, with loved ones, with family (whether they are good or not), work colleagues, friends. etc. What drives these relationships are connection and communication. Done poorly, these relationships become strained, full of quarreling or they end.

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7 Ways to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Nancy Ryan

Are you your own worst enemy? Do you do what you shouldn’t and fail to do what you should? Maybe you know you shouldn’t eat certain things due to a health problem – but you do it anyways. Maybe you know you really need to get an assignment done by the end of the week – but you keep procrastinating.

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